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^ foto : by NieZBA


Konrad K'sadhu Zientara:

an Architect
and Inventor
on a research journey trough space-time continuum.
Using DIY audioware and mathematical mind he experiments on reality, squeezing unusual harmonies out of it.

Founder and member of music bands:
Square Pirate, The Martian Trilogy, Zwischenwald and more...

Master Engineer of Architecture (Technical University of Gdańsk)
Yacht Skipper (Certificate no 459, january 2007 Warsaw Poland)
2 583 hours at sea and 10 601 nautical miles behind, from which 878,5h i 2 728Nm as capitan.
President of NIEzależny Związek Bardzo Artystów "NieZBA"
( Gathering of Independent Artists and Artisans )

Resident on the Artists Colony in Gdańsk Shipyard

MRKK | design studio [ mrkk.pl ] art, design & architecture

Squid Sound System [ squidsoundsystem.mrkk.pl ] audio gear & stuff

NieZBA.rex | NetLabel [ label.niezba.org ] analog mixing / diy synth & fx lab / label

buy lossless files (in a format of Your choice) at: [ ksadhu.bandcamp.com ]